PeerProjects from Blenheim Chalcot are a series of intimate invite only events to enable senior professionals in NYC to connect and learn from each other; gaining support on key business issues and opportunities across culture, strategy, innovation, and execution. Each PeerProject has a specific theme related to the Future of Work and the Business of Innovation and delivered in either of the two formats:

    1) PeerTalks
    2) PeerWorkshops

PeerTalks are informal sessions featuring world-leading subject matter experts and thought leaders across disciplines. Attend to stay abreast of market disrupting trends and connect with other senior leaders.

How it Works?

    - 30 minutes kick off with introductions and speed meetings to connect everyone in the room and seed the beginning of a powerful network of key relationships
    - 30 minutes expert talks exploring potential transformational changes via presentations, interviews, & storytelling
    - 30 minutes open house enabling attendees to access leading thinkers in the field and discuss innovative solutions to prepare their own companies for the speed of change ahead

Blenheim Chalcot's PeerWorkshops are a heavily condensed version of the five-day Design Sprint invented at Google by Jake Knapp, perfected with more than 150 startups at Google Venture (GV), then shared with the world in the bestselling book Sprint.

The big idea with GV's Design Sprint is to build and test a prototype in five days. The PeerWorkshops at Blenheim Chalcot draw heavily from GV's work on Design Sprints. They are created to enable senior professionals to efficiently collaborate and solve real-world problems in a close team environment. Hosted out of the Blenheim Chalcot office in New York City, each workshop is built around a specific theme raised by one of our Peer Community. Typically, 20 professionals meet, split into groups of 5, then tackle a core business issue and ideate solutions, all within a session duration of less than 2 hours.

How it Works?

Before the Workshop:

Before the workshop begins, all participants will complete some pre-reading. Materials are shared one week in advance via our Peer Learning Platform (provided by Hive Learning). You will be emailed access instructions by our support team to download and review the content in our mobile or desktop app.

At the Workshop:

On arrival, all participants will need to check in with the workshop support team no later than 15 minutes prior to the start time. Participants will be provided with refreshments before they get to speed-meet their workshop peers.
    1. Introduction to the Workshop | Duration - 5 Mins: The workshop's Chairperson for the day will begin with a quick welcome session. The support team will be introduced along with the session's agenda, logistics, and schedule.
    2. Speed-meet Your Peers | Duration - 25 Mins: A key part of the workshop is making connections with peers. We want this to be the start of building a powerful network for you in our PeerProjects community. All participants will have been connected prior to the workshop, via our Peer Learning Platform. During this speed-meeting session, participants will get to introduce themselves in a 1-minute intro.
    3. Problem Definition | Duration - 5 Mins: The workshop's Chairperson will present a summary of the problem to be solved, building on the materials already shared. Participants will then be split into smaller teams and head to their team area to begin 'working up' their solutions.
    4. Team Session | Duration - 50 Mins: The team sessions will last for 50 minutes and participants will need to turn off all mobile devices for the duration of the session. Durign this session, participants will cover 5 key tasks as illustrated below:
    - Clarify Goal | 10 Mins
    - Share Knowledge | 10 Mins
    - Map Solution Domain | 20 Mins
    - Identify Bottle Necks | 5 Mins
    - Capture Learning | 5 Mins
    5. Share Solution and Wrap Up | Duration - 15 Mins: Each of the teams will present the outline of their solutions in a 2-minute briefing to the rest of the teams. The Chairperson will summarize and the workshop will end. All of the notes and solution maps for the day will be shared in the Hive Learning app with everyone in the group.

After the Workshop:

Within two weeks of the session, all participants will be asked to share digital 'sticky notes' called "How Might We" in their Hive Learning app group. These notes are very powerful and should suggest solutions to the key questions raised. Instructions on how to add a "How Might We" sticky note are included in the app. Participants are welcome to continue the discussion by responding to the sticky notes posted by their peers.    

PeerProjects is brought to you by Blenheim Chalcot, UK's leading Digital Venture Builder, with portfolio sales of over $460M, more than 3,000 employees, and a successful track record of over 40 companies. We identify high growth sectors, typically undergoing some market, technology or regulatory discontinuity, and look to build scalable platforms that satisfy a real customer need. We aim to build profitable companies, with sustainable business models.

After seeing a growing demand for FinTech, Edtech and AI-powered companies in North America, driven by the powerful impact that they can have on both businesses and the general public alike, Blenheim Chalcot launched in the US in June 2018. This New York led expansion has extended the reach of Blenheim Chalcot's venture building services, providing everything a high-growth business needs to scale successfully and sustainably.

PeerProjects are intimate invite only events organized by Blenheim Chalcot, North America and have no associated registration costs/fee. If you're interested in attending any of our upcoming events, please sign up for the event from our Home page. Once approved by our team, you will receive the seat confirmation along with all relevant event details via email on your registered email address.

Yes, absolultely.

Each event is unique and cater to a very specific target audience. Please review each event in detail and verify you're a good match for the event (check out "Who Should Attend" section for each event for more details) before signing up.

Review the schedule of events and topics on our Home page and then signup for the event you're interested to be a part of . Attendance is carefully managed to ensure peer to peer networking and so we are not always able to accommodate first choice of events. Acceptance will be notified within 48 hours.

Note: If you have received a personal invite, please state the name of the person who made the invite while registering for an event.

You will find all our upcoming events listed on our Home page.

Unfortunately, no. PeerWorkshops are dynamic in-person workshops that we conduct live at our NYC office. Location details below:

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