Fospha Marketing

Fospha Marketing

CEO Sam Carter introduces you to Fospha Marketing

Fospha want all businesses to understand their data. At a business level, we want to drive a data evolution within companies to unlock insights, extract business intelligence and drive growth. At an industry level, we want a revolution, access to AI and data science that’s easy to adopt for any business with lower barriers to entry.

Fospha want to close the knowledge gap, to make data science services and scientists accessible to all. We want to help companies make sense of their data to gain a competitive advantage. Data science doesn’t discriminate, it’s diverse, it reveals hidden truths. It’s all about knowing how to unlock the truths to improve business performance. That’s what we do best at Fospha.

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Business Stats

  • 35+ clients across a range of industries

  • Partnerships include Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Shopify, Marin, Kenshoo, Adobe, Tableau, Bing, AWIN and many more

Impact Stories

  • Direct Line Group

    “A company of our size is inevitably siloed, both in terms of teams and data. Fospha’s solution brings consolidated, accessible data to the heart of the organization. Fospha’s expertise and approach, working hand in hand with my team, has enabled us to take back control of our data from ‘out-of-the-box’ platforms, controlling data sets, deriving insights for internal customers. With their help we can make business decisions quicker.” James Cornwall, Head of Data & Insight, Direct Line Group

  • Cox Media Group

    “Fospha integrates our online and offline data sources, and transforms our universe of data into a coherent view of our business and customers – adding tremendous value.” Stacy Lynch, Senior Director of Enterprise Analytics and Data Strategy at Cox Media Group

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