CEO Rob Straathof introduces you to Liberis

Liberis is a leader in embedded business finance with offices in Europe, UK and the US. We support the world’s largest technology companies, eCommerce platforms, payments processers and banks to provide business finance to their customers.

By connecting to our platform through a single API, our partners can provide finance under their own brand, allowing their customers to get funding from a source they already know and trust. We take care of the entire process for them, from marketing to funding to renewing.

Our machine learning and data-driven technology empower us to approve up to 80% of small businesses that apply, helping them get the funding they need quickly; a 400% higher approval rate than traditional small business finance providers. We’ve delivered over $800 million of funding through over 40,000 transactions, and we’re just getting started.


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Some Business Stats

  • 9 out of 10 customers would recommend us

  • Over 70% of applications are accepted

  • Over 80% of eligible customers renew

  • Liberis has a 98% Feefo rating (a five star rating)

  • only recommended cash advance provider

Impact Stories

  • Isobel May (gift shop)

    “This funding is brilliant! I don’t even notice it being paid back and then suddenly it is. There’s no hassle. Plus I never have to worry if I have a slow period. A few years ago, I had to shut the shop for five days to look after my daughter because she was ill; Liberis made the difference between being able to or not.” Sue, Isobel May

  • Simon Falk Eyecare (optician)

    “There isn’t the stress of fixed repayments because pay back is based on my credit card takings, so it doesn’t hurt if we only have an ‘okay’ month.” Simon, Simon Falk Eyecare

  • Quick Stop Food & Wine (convenience store)

    “The repayment system is really flexible so there isn’t the pressure on me and my business that you get with fixed monthly payments. I have used an overdraft and some facilities with the bank, but with Liberis I can take out more and pay it back as I earn from my card takings gradually. It works a lot better for me!” Bahzad, Quick Stop Food & Wine

  • Gymboree (kids’ daycare centre)

    “Everything about a bank loan is fixed, from the payments to when you pay it off. The terms are too rigid for a small business like this. With a cash advance, there’s no fixed payment amount or term. It’s extremely manageable too: we take customer subscriptions by card on a monthly basis and because pay back is taken at source, I don’t have to do anything. I just see the amount being paid off each month, which is wonderful! Michelle, Gymboree

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