Oakbrook Finance

Oakbrook Finance

Acting CEO Mark Onyett introduces you to Oakbrook Finance

At Oakbrook we believe that there’s a better way to do consumer lending. Our mission is to improve the way lending works - especially for those excluded from the mainstream.

With our Likely Loans brand, we’re making a name for ourselves as the UK’s leading innovator in non-prime personal lending. We do this through world-class data science and underwriting; cutting-edge technology; and an unbending focus on customer needs.

We have a tremendous team that really tries to put itself into the customers’ shoes, designing products and services around their real needs.

We are the antidote to both the inflexible high street banks and the unscrupulous payday lenders.

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Some Business Stats

  • 99% Feefo Rating

  • Loans provided to over 160,000 customers

  • 9 out of 10 customers would recommend Likely Loans to a friend

  • Lent over 100 million

Impact Stories

  • Elena from Birmingham

    Elena was struggling to be accepted for a loan, she was looking to fund an operation for her dog Pufi. She was approved for a Likely Loan and gave some fantastic feedback:

    “I have already told my best friend about the website!!!! I had applied in 1 day and next day got the money in my account!!! No papers, no fees, no waiting!!!! Brilliant!!! I needed the money for heart surgery for my puppy.  Already booked the surgery!  Couldn’t have done it without Likely Loans.  THANK YOU!”

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