Co-founder Ramiz Nathani introduces you to RESEARCHER

During my PhD and postdoctoral research, I always struggled to find a simple way to keep track of the latest publications. So, my team and I built RESEARCHER – a simple mobile app and a website that allows academics to read and track the latest relevant papers that have been published in all the top scientific journals.

With RESEARCHER, we want to make the process of staying up-to-date with the latest literature as quick and as efficient as possible so that scientists focus on their research. We want to make sure that as many people as possible get access to the research which will drive their work and career forward.

RESEARCHER’s mission is to connect scientists to the people, tools and information they need to make bigger and faster breakthroughs. Our mission revolves around four key beliefs about science and research – it should be easy to discover, share, use and measure.

RESEARCHER wants to make it as easy and efficient as possible for you to discover the papers that are relevant to your research and teaching – so you can spend more time making advances and less time searching for papers.

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Business Stats (as of the end of November 2018)

  • Over 4 million abstracts browsed per month

  • 450,000 users and over 8,000 journals on the app

Impact Stories

  • Corinne Kay

    “Somehow the app takes the hard work away from consulting the literature and encourages one to read other journals too which is always a bonus in research.” Corinne Kay, Director, Lecturer, Editor of RSC newsletter, The Open University, Med-Simple, University of Cambridge, Royal Society of Chemistry

  • Filippo Tusa

    “PHENOMENAL. Nothing to complain about. Never found such a useful app.” Filippo Tusa, University of Rome

  • Prof. Wataru Sato

    “Researcher is wonderful! I used to use Feedly but since I found Researcher, I became a big fan of it!” Prof. Wataru Sato, Associate Professor, Kanazawa University

  • Elisha Otome

    “I love Researcher and I use it every day. I’ve introduced it to my colleagues and friends already.” Elisha Otome, Research Assistant at University of Louisville

  • Jasmine Marzouk

    “Every scientist and student should have your app.” Jasmine Marzouk, University of Westminster

  • Chris Whelan, Medicine

    “I’ve been looking for an app like this for years. Although other tools are useful for cataloguing PDFs and making annotations, this is the first app that presents new research abstracts in an attractive and easy-to- browse interface. It’s much more efficient than alerts, and helps me catch up on the latest publications during my work commute. Kudos to the developers on a job well done!” Chris Whelan, Medicine, University of Southern California

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